Live Sound


The live sound department of Infinite Entertainment was formed out of the desire to put our equipment and experience to use beyond our own projects.

We love sound. Period.

When you partner with Infinite Entertainment, we will work with you as if we are a member of your band or an integral part of your event planning committee. An unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is one of the hallmarks of our business.


Does your band need a sound system and crew for an upcoming show?

While many places that support live music have capable in-house sound systems, others may not. sometimes you are responsible for bringing in your own sound professionals and equipment. You play the gig and cover it the best you can.

Then there are the showcases and larger concert situations where you want to put your best foot forward and really present the most incredible version of your band to the audience. Or you get tapped to organize the sound for a multi-band show at a place with no in-house sound.

Those situations are our specialty. We can take the worry, the extra work and the hassle of sound reinforcement off your hands, letting you focus on your performance and your audience.

Our systems can be arrayed and flown, scaffolding stacked or even ground stacked. Our state-of-the-art systems can entertain a crowd of a thousand guests or more with clear, detailed sound. We have enough equipment capacity to support multiple stages and event areas.